Please ensure that either the removalist company or the resident who is moving, contacts the Strata Manager upon arrival. To ensure that the quality of the common areas are maintained, a condition report for the common areas, lifts and lobbies, will need to be completed before and after your move.

Removalists and/or residents should also ensure that all possible care is taken to preserve the quality of the finishes in the common areas. If you had notified the Strata Manager in advanced of your move, the lift will be padded to protect your furniture and prevent damage to the lift - please refer to "Notify Strata Management" and "Booking the Lift" for more information.

Removalists and/or residents are responsible for ensuring items are moved in a safe manner. Larger items requiring use of the fire stairs will have to be prearranged in advance with the Strata Manager.

Any and all accidental damage caused (in Common Areas) while moving in or out of Aston Apartments needs to be reported to the Strata Manager immediately. Reports about accidental damage can be done over the phone or by using the online Report an Issue form.

If you are renting and have caused damage to the interior of your apartment, you will need to inform your property manager. Damage caused to common areas should also be reported to your property manager who will then get in contact with the Strata Manager & Executive Committee to rectify.